1. Day 11 - My final days shooting at the Paralympics was coupled with the last ever match for Dave Clarke (7), captain of GB’s 5 a side blind football team. The team won 2-0 against Turkey to finish 7th overall. Dave has been playing blind football for over 25 years with over 140 international caps. He is a pioneer of the sport from its humble beginnings with no followers to an international game winning over the hearts of a nation.

  2. Day 8 - The first day shooting wheelchair rugby and I did enjoy it but think I prefer wheelchair basketball, its just a bit more technical and I reckon almost as aggressive! A Barrow (GBR) knocked to the floor out of his chair in a collision with J Coggan (USA).

  3. Day 6 - I am not at the Paralympics today, but I had to put this up because it is in the Guardian this morning! Mens 5 a side GBR vs ARG 0-0 taken last night at the Riverbank Arena.

  4. Day 4 - Richard Whitehead (GBR) wins gold in the t42 Mens 200m. I know the day is far from over, but if I Improve on this I will be stunned! Taken on a 400mm f2.8 with a Canon 1dx

  5. A few highlights from the Olympic Volleyball last week. The same day my new 70-200 2.8 is 2, arrived so couldn’t resist taking it along. I spotted the kid with the Heineken a few  rows up from us and I still cant tell if it had beer in, but if it did he wasn’t messing around drinking it! more shots can be seen here